Job shadowing opportunities in Pyhäjoki, Finland

Erasmus+ and other educational programs concerning job shadowing are available for teachers from abroad in the education sector in Pyhäjoki including early childhood, pre-primary, primary and secondary education. Erasmus+ supports teaching assignments at schools for professionals involved in pre-primary, primary and secondary school education to gain a broader perspective on education, to exchange knowledge with colleagues in another country and to pick up educational good practices. In Pyhäjoki, job shadowing can be done as part of a formal Erasmus+ program or it can be scheduled informally for non-EU members.
Job shadowing involves a range of activities and meetings. The host will provide opportunities for questions and a de-brief to ensure that both parties benefit from the shadowing. Shadowing provides short periods of focused activity, rather than passive ongoing observation. Hands On – “job sharing” is an extension of the observation model, where the visitor/guest starts to undertake some of the tasks they have observed.

EU grants for teachers under Erasmus+ (KA1) programmes are paid to the coordinating organisation (the school of the visiting teacher) and are designed to cover the costs for travel and subsistence during the time of job shadowing,

How job shadowing helps your career
Job shadowing is a useful way to learn about teaching. It involves spending time teaching or/and observing the life of professional partner teacher(s) from a few days to as long as two weeks to gain a useful resource for professional development.
Every job-shadowing experience is different. Typically, you will follow teachers and observe them participating in their day-to-day work. Teachers will give you opportunities to ask questions throughout the day, and collect feedback at the end of the experience. Be sure to network with the person(s) you have been shadowing to broden the cooperation between your institutions. Job shadowing offers new perspectives and helps to improve communication across countries. It encourages continuous professional improvement and is an excellent networking tool facilitating the breaking down of internal and external barriers.
Job shadowing is an opportunity for hosts in Pyhäjoki to share their experiences and best practice. For the teachers being shadowed in Pyhäjoki, there is an opportunity to review and reflect on their work through discussion with the person shadowing them, which allows also them an opportunity to see their role through “fresh eyes”. By networking with colleagues from different countires and sharing experiences and knowledge the hosts learn from their visitors.